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Look what you've done to me. You've made me very famous and I thank you.
I know you like your popstars to be exciting so I bought these. Now my
time among you is almost at an end, the glory of ZOO TV must ascend and
take its place with all the other satellites.

Don't fear, for I'll be watching you. I leave behind video cameras for
each of you!

**Tape each other, tape yourselves, children tape your parents...parents
take care. Tape all of this, and watch it. I'll be with us always. As close to you
as your vcr and your personal headphones**

So many listening tonight I have a list....

People of America: I gave you Bill Clinton, I put him on CNN, NBC,
C-SPAN. Too tall to be a despot, but watch him closely.

 People of Asia: 

Your time is coming. 
Without your tiny transistors none of this would be possible.

People of Europe:

When I came among you, you were squabbling like children. Now you're all
hooked up to one cable, as close together as stations on a dial.

People of the former Soviet Union:

I've given you capitalism so now you can all dream of being as wealthy
and as glamorous as me.

People of Sarajevo:

Count your blessings. There are those all over the world who have food,
heat and security. but they're not on TV like you are.

Frank Sinartra, I give you MTV, demographic.

Salman Rushdie, I give you decibels.

Goodbye Squidgy, I hope they give you Wales.

Goodbye Michael.

Goodbye all you Neo-Nazis. I hope they give you Auschwitz.

The Lair