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Dark Eyes, Bright Lies and Webbed Dreams...



Hello, and welcome to my website!
I am Lady MacPhisto, and in case you didn't notice, this site is dedicated to
MacPhisto, the demon of the Zoos. Here I have some pictures, information,
lyrics and links. In time, I'll try to put more things up. Have fun for now!
Email me here if you have any questions or comments:
Spinning Ankh



Wow, I finally found the time and patience
to make thumbnails! New pics in the gallery

Most of the pages have been redone, since
they have remained untouched for a while and
my web design is better than it used to be.

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HTML Hints From Everyone's Favorite Critic
Check out the page above, it is hilarious!
Visit this nifty site for various U2 backrounds,
including some of Mac!
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(Last update: 12/30/99)

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Here are the parts of my web page....

The Lady of The House ....Me! (Like you care...)

Bootlegs for U2 bootlegs that I have.

My Collection ....other than the boots...

The Devil Himself ....explains who MacPhisto is, how he was created, his Zoo-Sydney speech...etc.

Picture Archive ....a couple of new pics now...yipee!

U2 Biography ...a sort biography/discography

Lyrics you can't find these elsewhere, lyrics for all their albums.

Links to Other Pages updated!

Well, thats it for now. Come back soon!


Web Page Created with the incredible knowledge

and mystical powers of Lady MacPhisto and ZOO TV Technology.



Neon Zoo
Vorsprung durch technik, baby.

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by this page. Whee!

All Web Pages, as crappy as they be, copyright 1997-99 by Lady MacPhisto. All pictures belong to their respective owners even though I "borrowed" them and all lyrics are the property of U2.
Dream out loud, Zoo Child.