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Well, here are some links to other U2 Sites I like.

Claire's Blue Room ....a pretty cool page, check out the U2 Bloopers.

Bono's Enchanted Laundry Hamper ....oh my lord! This is too cool for words!

U2 Dreams...zzzz ....some of these sound too familiar

Entrance to Mr. MacPhisto's Zoo Station ...a groovy site by a fellow MacPhisto-ite.

U2 Links ...lots of links to other sites and the FTP places.

Where The Site Has No Name ...GREAT site, has all the lyrics to anything U2 has released

Bono Woman's World of Bono ....obsession to the extreme.

U2 *POP* Archive site, has POP pics and shows in real audio.

U2: Almost Better Than the Real Thing

WIRE Humor ....a collection of the good times on WIRE.

The PopMart Super Center!

U2 At The End Of The WWW ....another cool site...

AIRPORT*U2* Italian site.

Bow before the Almight Lemon!