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Who will catch the star when it falls?

Hello, I'm glad to see you made it to my web page. If you have been here before, I'm sure you are quite happy to see that it has finally been updated. Let's face it, my last page sucked. I just noticed a couple of weeks ago that some of the picture links didn't work. Ooops. I'll be truthful, I made that site during the summer, between the hours of 1 and 6 in the morning. Now wasn't that smooth of me? (And yeah, I do have a weakness for that particular bar up there.)

If you want to know about me, there isn't much to know. I'm a high school student with nothing else to do so I make TONS of web pages. I adore music. U2 is my complete and total favorite band. I've been listening to them for 5 years now. (Yeah, not a long time, but I really do love them, and in case ya wanted to know, my favorite album is Achtung Baby and my favorite song (along with five hundred others) is Unforgettable Fire.) Some of my other favorite bands include Metallica, Tori Amos, Powerman 5000, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Black Lab, Simon Stinger, Stone Temple Pilots, Erasure, The Cure...etc etc etc. I really wanted to make a page to honor U2 but I knew the competition was fierce. I was (and still am) up against 30-40 year old fans who are HTML wizards with scanners. Sigh. So I decided to just dedicate a site to MacPhisto, who, in a strange way, was what got me into U2. I thought it was a disgrace that he didn't have his own page and that it was as easy to find pics of him as trying to find a chick who doesn't think Bono is a babe. Yeah, that hard. Oh well, this is the end result. I miss MacPhisto dearly and wish I could have seen the Zoo TV tour when it was around. (Pop Mart was totally cool but....!) Okay, this is going nowhere so I'll stop.