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Pride and JoyWire

When I first got into U2, I used to hate people who put their collections up cause I always thought "Man, I could never have a collection like *that*" Now, I am quite proud of my collection. I'm not putting this up to brag about it, I'm just trying to show other fans that if a 16 yr old with a limited budget and resources could get this far, *anyone* could. Remind yourself, I am very thrifty about my collections. I don't understand people who buy cassette singles or albums on tape to complete their set. Also, I listen to all my records. When I first bought the "All I Want Is You" vinyl, it was in it's original wrapping. What did I do? I admired it and the minute I got home, I unwrapped it and played it. I saw the single to The Fly at an expo. Although it would have completed my Achtung Baby single set, I didn't see the point in paying 11 dollars for a scruffy single with only one track. (Yeah, I know the whole "It was only sold for two weeks" thing...maybe I'll get it next time.) And finally, I didn't see the point in paying 22 dollars for a four-vinyl set of Discotheque remixes and though I drooled over it the rest of the day, I didn't buy the special Zoo station vinyl.
Enough blabbering, here my collection.


Under A Blood Red Sky
Unforgettable Fire
Joshua Tree
Rattle and Hum
Achtung Baby (Cardboard Case)
Achtung Baby (regular case)
The Best Of (with B-sides)
Passengers OS1


New Year's Day (Slim)
Pride (Slim)
With Or Without You (Slim)
Where the Streets Have No Name (Slim)
I Still Haven't Found...(Slim)

When Love Comes to Town (Slim)
Angel of Harlem (Slim)
Desire (Slim)
All I Want is You (Slim)
The Fly

Even Better Than the Real Thing
Even Better Than the Real Thing Remixes
Mysterious Ways
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
Ms. Sarajevo (Slim)
Staring at the Sun (Cardboard)
Staring at the Sun
Last Night on Earth
Please (Cardboard)
MOFO Remixes
If God Will Send His Angels
Sweetest Thing 1
Sweetest Thing 2



First, let me say a few things. All my vinyls are in good condition, both the case and the record itself, with a few exceptions. The Boy case is a little beat up and the Mysterious Ways record is pretty warped (which is okay cause this guy that I always buy records from gave it to me). Other than that, most of them are in near mint condition. all the older records were bought used except for the 5 inch UF single, it's an old copy but never owned. The most I've paid for one of the albums was 25 dollars for POP cause it was new. all of the other were bought for under 10 dollars. For the singles, the most expensive was the Even Better than the Real Thing (cause it has the poster) for 20, next was All I Want Is You at 12 and the 5 inch UF for 10. Those marked by a (N) were in the wrapper when I got them.


Under A Blood Red Sky
Unforgettable Fire
Wide Awake In America
Joshua Tree
Rattle and Hum


U2 - ROK (N)
Sunday Bloody Sunday Remixes
Unforgettable Fire
Where the Streets Have No Name (N)
All I Want Is You (N)
Mysterious Ways
Even Better Than the Real Thing - With Poster (N)
One (N)
Discotheque (N)
MOFO Remixes (N)

5 inch Singles

Unforgettable Fire (N)
With or Without You
All I Want is You

Angel of Harlem.
(Btw, I got this by accident, I was at this record store and had finally found a copy of R&H. When I went to check the records, I found this single stuffed inside. My first thought was "Cha-ching, I hope the cashier doesn't notice!" So I take it up to the counter to buy it but the guy checks the records and finds
the hidden one. I totally sink but then he says "Hmmm, looks like you got a bonus..." and he sticks it back in and doesn't charge me for it! Some people are just too cool.)

Interview Discs

Bono Talks in Philidelphia
Bono in Conversation
Interview Disc w/ book (R&H type cover)
Interview Disc w/ Book (Zoo Tv type cover)

Video Tapes

Rattle and Hum
Achtung Baby....etc.
Sydney Zoo TV
U2: A to Z Videos
PopMart: Mexico
Bootleg: Oakland Show 11/92
Bootleg: Oakland 6/19/98 (the show after the one I saw.)
Videos to: Staring at the Sun, SATS-Miami version, Last Night on Earth, If God Will Send His Angels and various MTV News blurbs about them over the last 3 years.


Burning Desire
Faraway, So Close
Into the Heart
U2: At the End of the World
Rolling Stone Files
The Story So Far
and two others whose titles I can't
remeber right now.


Joshua Tree Tour Poster
2'x5' Achtung Baby Front Cover/Back Cover Poster.
Regular Achtung Baby Cover Poster
Red Achtung Poster with one of the pics of the band. (My fave but one of my cats scratched out a least it didn't hurt the picture.)
Zooropa Cover
POP Cover Poster
POPMart Tourbook Picture
German PopMart Poster
Best of Promo Poster



Rattle and Hum
NY Zoo TV Concert Shirt
Colorful Zoo TV Concert Shirt
One (Single Cover and One in different
languages on the back)
Discotheque (Small Disco single cover pic in a circle on front and Discotheque written on the back.)
Lemon PopMart Shirt
Bono/Edge PopMart Shirt